Terms And Conditions for Bikes

The terms and conditions are subject to change and ZopRent reserves the right to make the changes from time to time without any prior notice. Customers are requested to go through the policies every time before making the booking. ZopRent is an online aggregator of vendors who rent out vehicles. It does not operate vehicle services of its own. In order to provide a comprehensive choice of vehicles to users, it has tied up with multiple vehicle rental vendors at different locations.


  •   ZopRent members must be at least 21 years of age.
  •  ZopRent members should hold a valid Indian driving licence. If not an Indian citizen, member must have a valid International driving licence. ORIGINAL Aadhaar is mandatory

Personal Information and Documents: The user has to present a valid driving license and Aadhaar at the vendor location before pickup. In case the user is unable to present the same, the booking shall stand cancelled. If the user is not an Indian citizen, he/she must present a valid International driving license at the vendor location before pickup. In addition to the above, user has to produce any one of the following ORIGINAL Identity Proofs at the time of picking up the vehicle- Passport, Voter Identity Card or PAN Card, etc.

  •  ZopRent members whose driving license has expired will not be allowed to make bookings.
  •  ZopRent vehicles are meant solely for personal use. Members can’t use ZopRent vehicles for commercial use, such as using it as a taxi for transporting people.
  •  ZopRent vehicles must not be used for any contests like races or for exhibitions.
  •  ZopRent vehicles must not be used for towing, pushing and/or propelling another vehicle or object.
  •  ZopRent vehicles must not be used by a user under the influence of any substance that impairs his/her ability to drive, like alcohol, drugs, narcotic substances. A zero-tolerance policy is adopted in such cases.
  •  ZopRent vehicles must not be used for carrying out any crime or illegal activity.
  •  ZopRent users must not drive a vehicle while using a mobile phone or any other mobile communication device in any manner whatsoever, with or without a hands-free device that may distract them from driving or otherwise engaging in similar activities that may be prohibited by the law.
  • Note: Few bikes have restriction to move out of city limits.

ZopRent users are not allowed to carry the following items while driving the vehicle:

  •  Any object whose possession has been deemed illegal by the Indian penal code.
  •  Weapons or any sharp or inflammable object which may cause damage to the vehicle or endanger human life.
  •  Any other object which compromises the stability, safety or performance of the vehicle and/or the passengers.

ZopRent holds the right to refuse a booking if the user is found to possess any of the above items.

  • ZopRent vehicles must not be used for transporting objects that could – due to their size, shape, or weight – adversely impact the vehicle.
  • ZopRent vehicles can be used only in the Republic of India. Use of the vehicles is subject to the laws of India. The vehicle cannot be driven in areas where entry is prohibited by the central or state government

The terms of vehicle use listed above are non-exhaustive. Any negligent or use in an abusive manner, as determined by ZopRent in its sole discretion, may be deemed a violation of these terms and conditions. Illegal use of the vehicle will be reported to the concerned authorities by ZopRent followed by the suspension or termination of service immediately. In the case of non-compliance, appropriate actions may be taken against the user by the concerned local, state, and/or national authorities. Traffic Rules Violations

  •  ZopRent users will be responsible for any traffic rule violations (if any). This includes but is not limited to: incorrect parking, over-speeding, breaking red light at a signal and toll violations. The user will be liable for all the fines/penalty arising out of such violations. In case of such violations, the user must inform ZopRent immediately.
  •   ZopRent will inform the user about such an event, if it learns of such an event from a third party. The user will be required to pay the relevant fines/penalty to the concerned authorities and submit a proof of such payment to ZopRent. ZopRent is not obligated to inform the user, if the user has prior knowledge of such violations. Any unreported traffic rule violation will be solely the user’s responsibility and ZopRent will not bear any responsibility whatsoever.
  •  ZopRent users must not park a vehicle in no parking areas. User will be solely responsible for all the violation notices and towing charges (if any), if he/she leaves the vehicle in such a restricted zone. This may also lead to additional penalties being levied on the user, if the violation leads to unavailability of the ZopRent vehicle for other reservations.
  •  Customer needs to verify vehicle documents before accepting vehicle at the time of pickup.
  • Note: All the disputes are subject to court in bangalore.