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Until you rub shoulders with the opulence of Delhi, your journey still misses the key point. The headquarter of national affairs , countless business proceedings and magnificent charm Delhi is embellished with the some of the most high end hotels and facilities that cater to all your ostentatiously costly and luxurious demands. Flooded with most important people on planet earth from pop singers to their entourage, film stars and their crew , world leaders and  businessman the national capital has to always be prepared to give a grand welcome and treat and Delhi falls no short of expectations. Bestowed with one of the finest hotels in the country the national capital will leave your heart spellbound by the luxuries it has to offer. You can rent a self drive car in delhi near the most reputed hotels for easy commute to any meetings or events in & around the city. So let us have a brief look at the top five luxury hotels in New Delhi.

Top 5 Luxury Hotels in Delhi


Undoubtedly the finest hotel in Delhi and one of the finest in the country. The exquisiteness of Leela Palace does not go unnoticed. Located in the most bureaucratic and diplomatic area of New Delhi, The Leela Palace is flocked by the top diplomats, bureaucrats and business people. The suites are lavish and provide living area that is separate. The club rooms are no short of astonishment and the staff is full of zeal. But the most extraordinary part of The Leela Palace is the Library bar with all its charm. The facilities are all top notch and a few best among them are the glass enclosed restaurant and not to forget the magnificent, Le Cirque. Cosmopolitan in orientation and elegant in architecture the Leela palace leaves a want in every guest. A want to extend the stay or be there soon and more often.  A hangout near Chanakyapuri should always be accompanied by a visit to Library of Leela Palace for sure.


One of the best things that happened to Delhi was Cannuaght place and one of the best things that happened to Cannaught place is THE LALIT. What’s India without a touch of its history?

Well the Lalit exactly keeps that into mind. With Aroma and Ayurveda therapies The Lalit leaves you deeply relaxed and refreshed. All the rooms are sound proof and highly modernized. And the architecture is sprinkled with hue of Indian culture here and there. The best part about Lalit is the food they offer and the Indian restaurant, Baluchi located inside it. The Indian food is nicely picked from the best and makes a case for one of the best Punjabi food location in Delhi.The bars are always open and add another gem in the crown of glory of The Lalit . Located very near to New Delhi Railway station and a bit away from the airport it is a delight to the soul with the extraordinary rejuvenation by its sheer aura.


What is India without Taj Mahal? Short of wonder and elegance right?

The same way Delhi is short of wonder and elegance without Vivanta by Taj. The Taj group is undoubtedly one of the best in hotel business in India and Vivanta is undoubtedly one of their greatest masterpiece. Carrying the old world charm it is housed in a 1945 historical building. Located in the famous Khan market the best feature about Vivanta is Insomnia. Insomnia is a bar serving different kinds of cocktails and mock tails each with a unique touch. Another noteworthy feature is the Yellow Brick Road which is a diner that is open all day and offers a serious pleasure to the tongue with some of the best cuisines from all over the world. The Rooms are very well planned and the view it offers from the balcony of the rich gardens is truly something to cherish. The staff is very cautious and attentive.  Just one visit to Vivanta by Taj and you will forever remain an admirer of its beauty.


When we say next generation hotels we mean Roseate House. With sophisticated architecture and a flattering style Roseate House is the ideal spot for the progressive guests who like to stay in touch with the modern world. Located in Aerocity and lying in close proximity with all the important places in the national capital be it Indira Gandhi International Airport or the cyber hub – Gurgaon this is a classic hotel with a modern touch. Situated in midst of multitude of trees the roseate house feels both close to nature and technology. The food is delicious and acquainted with all the international food to give you the best experience.


A go to destination for all the international travelers. JW MARRIOTT is located in close proximity to both INDIRA GANDHI INTERNATIONAL and DOMESTIC AIRPORT. The architecture is so modern and unique it takes your heart. But the keeping up with the modern facilities is what genuinely inspires awe and generated respect. Located close to all the business and trade centers and the very posh South Delhi JW MARRIOTT holds 1200 meter ballroom. Extremely famous for its high end bars, restaurants and not to forget the spa, which is an ultimate treat JW MARRIOTT is one of the best point for travelers, social butterflies and business people. A quick visit should be paid sincerely to admire the majestic hotel for sure.

A lot many treats are waiting for you in Delhi. We picked the 5 best among all.

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