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Top 5 Historical Places in Bangalore

February 21, 2019 | Bangalore | No Comments


Most people address Bangalore as an IT or the pub capital of India, but only a few know about its cultural significance and several historical landmarks. The city has been the main center of political activities for the great empires in Southern India. Many great kings of the past, from time to time gave this city huge importance and left many awe-inspiring architectural monuments as their legacy.

The city is home to some of the most beautiful art galleries, museums, monuments, temples that host intricate designs and amazing architecture. The city promises to deliver the best experience to all the travelers or tourists out there. Tourists or Visitors can hire a self drive car in Bangalore to travel around the Historic places.To help you maneuver amongst the places, we have compiled a list of some of the best historical places to visit if you’re a history buff or someone who likes to dig deep into something.

Top 5 Historical Places in Bangalore

Bangalore palace

The name speaks for itself, as this place is exquisite and grand like those in fairy tales. The place is located amongst the bustling corner of the city and has become a beacon of tradition. The place has been left untouched by the modernization and will give you the old school vibes. The palace is the replica of royal British home located in Berkshire and renders a peaceful vibe all throughout. Today, the palace is known for extravagant parties and its spaces are open for a number of public events. The gothic windows, towering turrets among others are something to look forward to. If you can’t resist but delve deep into history, then this is something meant for you.

National gallery of modern art

A big shout out to all the art lovers out there, the national gallery of modern art is here to give you some deep inspiration. Located on the palace road, the museum is nothing but extraordinary, all thanks to its offerings. The place is housed in a colonial mansion complemented with a garden setting which also has two interconnected wings. You can witness some of the finest pieces of artwork, right from the early 18th century to the pre-independence period. The museum also features some of the works of modern and contemporary artists. There’s also a cafe on the premises of the museum to fill your hunger pangs.

Tipu Sultan palace and fort’s

If you’re a tab bit familiar with the Indian history, you must have heard the name Tipu Sultan. The great king of the past has left not only epic stories but also some extraordinary infrastructures in his memories. The fort is situated near Bangalore fort area, amidst the awe-inspiring nature. The fort of completed in 1791, and still showcases the greatness of Tipu Sultan in its architecture. You can visit the palace at any time between 8:30 am until 5:30 am.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden

The expansive garden was a private Mughal garden in its early life which went onto become the most beautiful garden space in Bangalore. Established by Haider Ali and later extended by Tipu Sultan, the garden drips history lessons in every corner and renders some serious Insta worthy pictures. The garden is spanned over 240 acres of land and its name has been derived from the red roses that bloom throughout the year. The area of focus in the garden is its majestic glasshouse, which was built with the purpose of commemorating the visit of the son of Wale’s king.

Cubbon Park

The park occupies nearly 300 acres of land in the Bangalore’s business district and is a popular place for morning walkers, joggers etc. You can hang out with your friends in the vicinity of the garden and infuse a sense of nonchalance in your life. The place can also be a perfect way to escape the monotonous routine of life and relax in the tranquility of nature for some time.

The city of Bangalore is a gorgeous mix of past and present, which is a delight for all the travelers out there.